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While judging, coaching, and choreographing for various studios, teams, and competitions around the Midwest, the P3 staff applied their 20+ years of professional experiences as learning opportunities. We listened to the parents and performers, and learned what is most fun and memorable from a competition.


P3 prides itself on providing a safe and fun learning environment, while promoting family morals and teamwork. We run our events as a “professional show” type atmosphere with special lighting, fog machines, and one of a kind photography and video. Each performer will have the unique opportunity to enter and exit stage in a black out. Lighting cues that enhance and flatter each performance will be called per stage managers specifications. We want each and every dancer to leave the stage feeling like a star!


*Specific lighting requests cannot always be fulfilled. Blackout availability is subject to scheduling.


We also offer the rare opportunity to view a free live stream of all performances via our website. This way all family members can be a part of each Star’s performance! Each of our judges are chosen, not by who is new and upandcoming, but by experience and years in the industry. We feel it is important to have judges whom have continued their dance education throughout the years but who also have experience working with kids and teenagers. 


Our goal is to provide critiques that will be useful in helping each performer reach their full potential. We don’t just want our judges to spout off a list of vocabulary, we encourage them to teach and talk through new ways to fix problems in technique and improve each dancer’s stage presence. The Platinum Performance Plus staff has been collaborating and working together for well over 20 years.


Individually, each of us had our time in the spotlight, performing professionally throughout the United States, as well as, Internationally. We, as a team, have executed hundreds of hassle and stress free shows. It was only a matter of time before we applied our professional backgrounds to provide a one of a kind dance and talent competition that gives each performer a taste of what it’s like to be a star in the show!

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