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Registration and Upload Deadline - April 30th and May 29th

Registration for our virtual competitions can be done via our competition registration page. Videos must be uploaded by 11:59 pm on the date specified. Any registration received after this time will automatically be registered for the next event. We will then create the schedule and
running order. We will email studio owners their schedule and date for livestream. Full programs will be available on our App. The entire event will be livestreamed so you can see your competition directly.

The first day of live streaming for the event will generally be 7 days after the upload deadline date.

If an abundance of registration is received, the decision to open additional virtual competitions or divide existing registration into additional virtual competitions will be made at the discretion of Platinum Performance Plus.


A panel of well-qualified judges will judge contestants, and all decisions of the judges will be accepted as final. You will be able to access your score sheet and critiques via your online registration account.

Awards Ceremonies

Awards ceremonies will be scheduled and livestreamed throughout the event. Awards will consist of adjudications, Judges Choice, High Scores, Overalls, and Speciality Awards such as title, choreography, photogenic, etc.

● Adjudicated awards will receive a virtual stamp announcing your placement which can be displayed on your website or other online platforms!

● High Score Awards will receive a pin stating their top 5 placement

● Overall awards will receive gift certificates towards upcoming events

● High Score Production winners will receive a vinyl banner and top scoring gift certificate


All video submissions must be unedited with one take.

All submissions must have been performed since September 2019, as this is our current dance season. Any video submission having proved to be recorded before September 2019 will be disqualified.

We encourage dancers to submit a fully realized routine with costume, hair, and makeup.

Current skill levels, competition rules, and time limits as stated on our website still apply.

Routines may be filmed at the studio, from a competition stage, or from a non-competitive environment. The environment in which the routine is performed will not affect scoring in any way.

Costumes will not be critiqued or impact scoring.

Platinum Performance Plus LLC is not responsible for any injuries occurring during the taping of submitted routine videos.

By registering for this event, you agree that any submitted routines are current routines being performed at competitions in the 2020 competition season, featuring dancers currently enrolled at your studio.

By registering for this event, you agree with all the policies stated above and are held accountable to abiding by all rules set forth within the rules and virtual competition pages of this website. Failure to comply with policies may result in disqualification from events.

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